How To Build A Bedroom Closet Closet For Any Standard Closet Size For $100 | Weekend Woodworking Project

How To Build A Bedroom Closet Closet For Any Standard Closet Size For $100 | Weekend Woodworking Project

A bedroom closet is one of the most essential storage spaces in a home. This particular standard bedroom closet was constructed for only $100 in materials, and the process was incredibly simple. It is an ideal solution for maximizing the corner space efficiently.

What You Need to Know

This design is tailored for a standard closet, typically around 2 feet deep and 8 feet wide. Before starting, take inventory of the number of shelves and the amount of hanging space you need. I incorporated shelves to store folded clothes like jeans, my children's toys, and other items. This comprehensive guide provides reference points for shelf and hanging heights, helping you design and organize your closet to best suit your needs.

Woodworking Plans for the Bedroom Closet

One of the hardest things for me was trying to find the perfect bedroom closet or examples of what I wanted. After weeks of searching Google and Pinterest for woodworking plans and ideas for corner closets and not finding any that fit my needs, I decided to make my own plans. I wanted to create a clean, simple, reach-in corner closet for my kids' bedroom.

You can build a custom closet for $100 using two sheets of 3/4-inch plywood. If you have a small closet and a tight budget, this design can fit any size closet. It provides great organization and maximizes space to suit anyone's needs.

For this DIY woodworking project, you'll use one sheet for the center shelf and the second sheet for the top and side shelves. I'll show you how to make the most of your space, organizing and building shelving that fits your requirements. The design can be modified to fit almost any standard home or bedroom closet. By following the basic building principles and instructions, you can have a custom closet for $100.

I used two 3/4-inch 4'x8' sheets of birch plywood to create this custom bedroom closet, with the total cost coming to about $100. Yes, you read that right, just $100!

This video will show you the basics of closet shelf building. I believe anyone can build amazing things.


📝 Materials

  • 3/4in 4×8 Sheet Birch Plywood |
  • 1/4in 4×8 Sheet Sandeply Plywood |

🧰 Tools

  • Miter Saw |
  • Table Saw |
  • Drill Kit |
  • Router |
  • Orbital Sander |
  • 24 in. Quick Grip Clamps (4 clamps) |
  • Cordless Nail Gun Kit |
  • Level |
  • Hammer |
  • Tap Measure |
  • Paint Brush Kit |
  • Putty Knife |
  • Hack Saw |
  • Micro Jig GRR Ripper |
  • Kreg Pocket Hold Jig |
  • Kreg Face Clamp |
  • Datto Blade |
  • Micro Jig GRR Ripper |
  • Earlex HV5500 HVLP Sprayer |

⭕ Miscellaneous Items

  • Titeboand Wood Glue |
  • 1 1/4in coarse pan-head coarse screws |
  • 1-1/4in brad nails |
  • 1/2in brad nails |
  • 32oz DAP Plastic Wood Putty |
  • 220 grit 3M sandpaper pack |
  • Paint Brush and Roller Kit |
  • White Urethane Paint |
  • Closet Pole Sockets (8x) |
  • Wood Screws |
  • 1-1/4in 72in white closet pole (4x) |



Step 1 | Watch How To Build A Corner Shelf Closet In Any Standard Closet


Step 3 | Painting

Next you want to paint your shelves. I don’t recommend waiting to the end to paint. I would recommend painting your sheets of plywood while they are not assembled. This will save you time. You should be able to paint everything in about 30min.

    Conclusion and Final Thoughts

    If you have any questions about this build please post your comments below. Be sure do download the plans. This is the pantry video that I referenced. The video will show you how I applied edge banding to my pantry build.


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