DIY Built-In Closet With Sheets of Plywood for $1000 | Woodworking Project

DIY Built-In Closet With Sheets of Plywood for $1000 | Woodworking Project

A custom master closet is one of the most important rooms in a home. This custom master closet cost just $1,000 for the materials and it was super easy to build. There are however some other minor costs that you need to plan for. I will walk you though each step and show you how I made this awesome walk in master closet.

What You Need to Know

The very first thing you need to figure out is how big you want your closet to be. Once you have that decided on the size you need to determine how many wardrobe and hanging spaces you will need. My master closet is about 8ft x 9.5ft. Make sure to take inventory of how many long and short hanging cloths you have this will help you figure out how many different types of wardrobes to build. Make sure to account for any shelving you want to have in your closet. I used shelves to hold all my folded jeans and t-shirts. Here is a great guid I created for you to use and reference. It will help you designing and laying out your closet.

Woodworking Plans for a Walk-in Master Closet

One of the hardest things for me was trying to find the perfect master closet or examples of what I wanted. After weeks of searching google and Pinterest woodworking plans and ideas for a walk-in master closets and not finding any that fit my needs I decide to make my own plans. I wanted to create a clean, simple, reach-in, master walk-in closet. Most everything I found was a combination of wire and wood shelving. I wanted to build something better, I wanted my closet to have the higher end look and realized most higher end master closets are reach-in closets and sit on a platform.

Reach-in closets are closets that allow you to hanging cloths inside a space that when your cloths are hanging your hanger and cloths fit completely inside the closet. I also love the classic shaker style, so I incorporated that style into my design. If you want to build my closet I provide the PDF blueprint as well as a 3D SketchUp model that you can download and modify for your space.

📝 Materials

  • Miter Saw |
  • 1/2 x 4 x 8 Sanded Plywood (18x) | = $373.5
  • 1/5 x 4 x8 Plywood Underlayment Specialty Panel (6x) | = $83.88
  • 1/4 x 2ft x8 MDF (3x) | = $18.87
  • 1gal Pure White/Base 1 Semi-Gloss Interior Paint (4x) | = $79.92
  • 2x3x8 lumber (8x) | = $18.56
  • LED Lights = $334.66
  • 1x3x8 face frame (10x) | = $73.4
  • 1x4x8 baseboard (3x) | = $14.16


🧰 Tools

  • Miter Saw |
  • Table Saw |
  • Drill Kit |
  • Orbital Sander |
  • Fluted Drill Bits |
  • 24 in. Quick Grip Clamps (4 clamps) |
  • 40 in. Bessey REVOlution Parellel Clamp (4 clamps) |
  • Nail Gun Kit |
  • Air Compressor |
  • Level |
  • Hammer |
  • Tap Measure |
  • Paint Brush Kit |
  • 18in Paint Roller Frame |
  • 18in Paint Roller |
  • Large Paint Bucket |
  • Paint Extension Pole |
  • Putty Knife |
  • Wire Stripper |
  • Hack Saw |
  • Kreg Pocket Hold Jig |
  • Kreg Shelf Pin Jig |
  • Kreg Face Clamp |
  • Datto Blade |

🏷️ Hardware

  • 16in Full Extension Side Mounted Soft Close Drawer Slide (6x) |
  • 3in Center to center brushed nickel transitional drawer pull (6x) |
  • Closet Pole Sockets (8x) |
  • 1-1/4in 72in white closet pole (4x) |
  • Closet Hangers |

⭕ Miscellaneous Items

  • Titeboand Quick Thick Wood Molding Glue 8oz |
  • 1 Gal Titebond 3 |
  • 500 1in coarse pan-head coarse screws |
  • 32oz DAP Plastic Wood Putty |
  • 1/4in nickel shelf pin supports 50 pack |
  • 5mm to 7mm step-up Nickel Support Pin (2x) |
  • 220 grit 3M sandpaper pack |
  • DAP Caulk White |
  • Glass Mirror • 1-1/4in brad nails |
  • 3/4in brad nails |
  • Wood Shims |
  • #8 2in Tstar Drive Screws |

Step 1 | Watch How I Built My Master Walk-in Closet

My video will show you how I took an empty room and built my own DIY Built-in Master Closet for just $1000. You will see how I set the foundation/platform for the wardrobes and much more.

Step 2 | How to Cut Your Plywood

Cutting your sheets of plywood to the proper lengths can be difficult if you don’t have a large table saw and out-feed table. That is ok, because you don’t necessarily need these expensive tools or setup to build this project. Here are other ways to cut down your large sheets of plywood.

Once your sheets of plywood are cut down you want to move on to the next step.

pushing and cutting a sheet of plywood on a table saw


If you decide to add adjustable shelving to your closet be sure to drill your pin holes before assembling your boxes. I recommend using the Kreg Jig Shelf Pin Hole Jig. If you want to see how it works check out my review of the jig and why it is the best shelf pin jig.


Step 3 | Painting

Painting is your next step in building your master walk-in closet. Most people would wait to the end to paint their closet but I would recommend painting your sheets of plywood while they are not assembled. This will save you time in the long run. I laid all my cut sheets of plywood flat on my garage floor and simply rolled them with a paint roller. This took me about 1-2 hrs to do and I applied two coats of paint per panel. I will show you how to do the final painting in a later step.

Painting sheets of plywood white                   Painted sheets of plywood white on a driveway

Step 4 | How to Assemble Sheets of Plywood Into a Wardrobe Box

Assembly of your wardrobe boxes takes time and care. This is one of the most difficult challenges to building your custom walk-in master closet. You need to make sure your wardrobe boxes are square and this can be challenging due to the size of the boxes we are making. I recommend purchasing an accurate square and a quality clamp. Here are tools I would recommend purchasing if your budget allows.

assembling a wardrobe box with pocket holes                    bessey clamp on a wardrobe box

Step 5 | Installation of the Wardrobe Boxes

Before you install your wardrobe boxes you need to make sure you have a level and solid platform to attache them to. I make my platform using 2×3. All the sizes and dimensions to my walk-in master closet can be found in my woodworking plans. I designed my wardrobes to have 1/2in gaps between each wardrobe box, this is to later feed electrical wire between the boxes and allow for any inaccuracies with my drywall not being square. Once the boxes are positioned in their place I inserted a 1/2in block and nailed the boxes together with a brad nailer.

master closet base frame with green padding                    master closet wardrobe boxes installation

Step 6 | How to Install LED Lighting

Installing the LEDs was one of my most favorite parts of the build. I did a lot of research on what LEDs to purchase and here is the honest truth about LEDs. If you want good LEDs never buy them off Amazon. They are cheaply manufactured in China and there is little to no quality control. The closes thing you can get to quality LEDs from your local hardware or big box store is from Phillips Hue, however they are not as good as what I found or have as good as a warranty. I found my LED strip lights for my master closet from Flexfireleds they have the best LEDs and come with a 15 year warranty. Their customer services is amazing. Ana, their design specialist helped me with all my questions and has been nothing but wonderful. The LEDs are on the pricey side however they are worth the investment and peace of mind that they will work and perform as promised and if you have any issues Flexfireleds will send you replacements at no charge!

Installing Flexfireleds in my master closet                    installing flexfireleds wire in master closet

Step 7 | Installing the Face Frame for the Master Walk-in Closet

Installing the face frame for the wardrobe boxes requires you to have a brad nailer. I purchased a nail gun kit for just about $230 on Amazon and the kit I got provides you 4 different types of nailers. I have used this nail gun kit for all my projects. It isn’t the best nailer out there but you can’t beat the price.

To install your face frame you will need to pre cut your wood. You need to use a sold wood like pine or poplar. Pine is cheaper but softer, I went with poplar for my closet as it is consider a hard wood and less likely to dent if I accidentally run into it or hit it.

Installing a face frame for a master closet                  Installing a face frame for a master closet with a brad nailer

Step 8 | Prep for Final Painting

After the face frame is installed it is now time to prep everything before you give your master closet its final paint job. The fist thing you need to do is patch all the brad nail holes and gaps. I would recommend using DAP plastic wood putty to fill in the gaps and holes. Once the wood putty dries you need to sand it down. I would recommend wearing a mask as you will create a lot of dust and you do not want to breath any of the particles into your lungs. After you have sanded down everything and cleaned up the dust you can now apply the final coat of paint. I would recommend using a Urethane Enamel based paint. The reason you want to use a Urethane Enamel based paint over an acrylic paint is that a urethane enamel based paint will cure much harder and last much longer. Acrylic based paint will be softer and if you lay objects on top of acrylic paint it can stick or be tacky. You really want to use a urethane enamel paint when you are paint a service that will hold items or objects like shelving and closets etc.

DAP Plastic Wood putty covering a white shelf                  DAP plastic wood putty on the side of a wardrobe

Step 9 | Add the Hardware

Adding the hardware is the last step to finishing your master closet. The hardware you need depends on the type of closet you are making. My closet has long and short hanging as well as drawers. I used metal hanging rods and brackets to hang my cloths. I decided to also purchase some nice clothes hangers from the container store.

Colorful shits on a close hanger                  basic lotus container store cloths hanger in black box

If you decide to add a dresser to your master closet you will need to add drawer hardware and slides. Installing drawer slides is really easy. There is a really simple and easy trick to installing drawer slides that don’t require any special jigs. Watch this video to see how you can install any drawer slide in 2min.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

I never thought building a custom walk-in master closet would be so affordable. I spend $1,000 on materials. I did however splurge and purchase a few other things for the closet and I by the time I added up all the hardware and the materials my total came to $1,500-$1,800. Not bad, considering this custom walk-in master closet would have cost me about $15,000 if I had someone else had to make it. I splurged on making a modern farmhouse full length mirror for the master closet. Here is the video I made showing you how I made the full length mirror. If you are interested in making one for your closet or room I recommend watching the video.

Below are several ways to pin, share, and like this project. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below. If you want to stay up-to-date on my latest projects and are looking for projects yourself be sure to check out my Plans and other Projects on this site. I also am very active on Instagram and YouTube.



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