Anti-Gravity Skyhook Woodworking Project Plan


Anti-Gravity Skyhook woodworking blueprint includes the following:

  • PDF Blueprint
  • Tools list
  • Materials list


This is an anti-gravity hook…also known as a Skyhook. Many people have not heard of a skyhook, but it is a legendary device for supporting a weight without any visible means. As with “pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps.” few would believe that a skyhook really exist, but it does, and it has been known for generations. A peculiarly shaped small piece of wood, a skyhook will balance itself at the end of one’s finger but only if a leather belt is hung in its groove! Nothing but a belt will work, with its stiffness helping to create the illusion that the balance created completely defies the laws of gravity. It looks impossible, and it feels even more impossible when you try it yourself.

Check out my YouTube Video showing you how to make this amazing anti-gravity hook and explain how it works. https://youtu.be/lykIjP-Y0tw


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